WATCH: Sean Parnell tells Tucker Carlson about an Afghan interpreter who helped rescue Biden, but was left behind

The Post Millennial 

On Fox News Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson discussed President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan which left behind an Afghan interpreter who in 2008, helped rescue then-Senator Joe Biden and other lawmakers in the Afghan mountains.

The Wall Street Journal wrote in an exclusive report “At Bagram Air Field, Mohammed jumped in a Humvee with a Quick Reaction Force from the 82nd Airborne Division and drove hours into the nearby mountains to rescue them. Mohammed spent much of his time in a tough valley where the soldiers said he was in more than 100 firefights with them.”

Mohammed applied for a visa to leave Afghanistan in June of this year, but wasn’t sorted out in time to escape the Taliban takeover of the country. Mohammed is trapped in Afghanistan, abandoned. He sent a message to Biden which read, “Hello, Mr.President saved me and my family. Don’t forget me here.”

Carlson introduced his guest Sean Parnell, former US Army Airborne Ranger and a candidate for the United States Senate in the state of Pennsylvania and said, “You hear all this chin tugging about our allies left behind. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of people we’ve been imported are not allies There’s no evidence they are. This guy was an actual ally and he’s still stranded there. You’re getting the impression we are picking the wrong people. Maybe on purpose. Why?”

“Tucker, I’m just going to tell you…I don’t think that Joe Biden cares, and that’s the tragedy of this whole thing. Here’s a guy that’s been a bureaucrat in Washington for 50 years. The only thing that he’s been able to improve in that time is his own bank account. And you want to know how I know he does not care is because no one has been held accountable from the beginning.”

Parnell continued, “I said right here a couple months ago that generals focused on critical race theory would cost lives on the battlefield and that maybe, just maybe, they should focus on a withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

“Our intelligence community didn’t know the president of Afghanistan was fleeing the country, but they could read your text messages. We abandoned Bagram airbase. We ceded Kabul to the Taliban. We allowed the Taliban to protect American citizens. All of that’s insane.”

“Now tragically Americans are dead…. hundreds, if not thousands of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines, thousands of our allies are as well. And Tucker, there is something wrong, from a leadership standpoint with the senior leaders in this country. There’s a massive disconnect between the door kickers on the ground. The people that are serving front towards the enemy and the people that are serving in air conditioned offices in the Pentagon.”

“Quite frankly, I think that they’ve forgotten just the core tenant of Leadership… lesson number one, it is not about you. Leadership is about serving others. If service is beneath you, then true leadership will always be beyond you and career politicians like Joe Biden, that’s how they are. That’s how they’re wired. That’s all they really care about. And I think that you’re seeing that lack of attention and that lack of care playing out in Afghanistan right now, right before our eyes, every single day.”