Breitbart: Sean Parnell Slams Biden After Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal: ‘Leaders Lead, They Don’t Pass the Buck’

Sean Parnell, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania and Army veteran, went after President Joe Biden for finally addressing the nation after his failed Afghanistan withdrawal and urged him to stop passing the blame to former President Donald Trump.

“If Joe Biden spends this speech blaming former President Trump instead of taking responsibility for his poorly implemented withdrawal strategy as our nation’s Commander in Chief, he will lose the moral authority to lead this country,” Parnell said

“Leaders lead, they don’t pass the buck,” he added.

Since the Taliban terrorists started to ravage Afghanistan after Biden’s failed withdrawal, the president had blamed his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, instead of taking responsibility himself. Biden said that Afghan security forces were equipped and trained enough to fight against the Taliban only six weeks ago.

Over the weekend, Parnell tweeted a side-by-side comparison of Biden’s tweet and the Axios article, saying “How it started” versus “How it’s going”:

Biden’s tweet said he would take the president’s job responsibly and not blame others despite Biden blaming Trump for his failed withdrawal.

The Axios article Parnell tweeted explained that “Biden blamed his predecessor, former President Trump, for empowering the Taliban and leaving them ‘in the strongest position militarily since 2001.’”

Over the weekend, Trump also released a handful of statements criticizing Biden’s failed withdrawal. “Who or what will Joe Biden surrender to next?” Trump asked in one of his statements. “Someone should ask him if they can find him.”

On Monday, Parnell also launched a new campaign ad touting his military experience and leadership skills from Afghanistan. Parnell spent over a year of his life fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border. He was a part of the Outlaw Platoon, the more decorated Army unit since 9/11.


In the ad, he explained, “When our freedom is at stake, Pennsylvanians are the first to the fight.” He added, “That’s exactly why I joined the Army after 9/11. I led an infantry platoon on the front lines in Afghanistan.”

Breitbart, Jacob Bliss, August 16, 2021