Sean Parnell Rips Conor Lamb’s Support of ATF Nominee David Chipman

U.S. Republican Senate Candidate Sean Parnell called out Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) for his support of President Joe Biden’s pro-gun control nominee, David Chipman.

Biden nominated Chipman to lead the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on April 8, 2021. In the lead-up to that nomination, the Associated Press noted Chipman “has for years worked as a senior policy adviser at Giffords.” NPR noted the same thing but also pointed out that “Giffords…[is] an organization that advocates for stricter gun laws .”

Lamb tweeted his support for Chipman on July 14, 2021:

Parnell responded by noting Lamb “told voters that he opposed new gun laws” when campaigning for office, but is now supporting Chipman, a gun control advocate.

He said:

“Chipman is an anti-Second Amendment radical who previously opposed the Heller decision affirming our individual right to keep and bear arms. He openly supports turning millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight with a ban on AR-15s and even worse, has regularly championed other extreme leftwing measures like gun confiscation.”

Parnell described Lamb’s support of Chipman as a “flip-flop” from voicing support for the Second Amendment to voicing support for a nominee with deep ties to the gun control lobby.

During Senate Judiciary Confirmation hearings, Chipman confirmed his support for an AR-15 ban and for the “assault weapons” ban President Joe Biden has endorsed.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked Chipman to define “assault weapon” and Chipman responded, “An ‘assault weapon’ would be, in the context of the question you ask, whatever Congress defines it as.”

Cotton then used a series of questions to show that Chipman’s answer means Democrats can declare nearly any type of rifle to be an “assault weapon.”

Breitbart, Awr Hawkins, July 15, 2021