Radio: Sean Parnell on The Dom Giordano Program; the Crisis in Afghanistan

Sean Parnell, candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss the situation in Afghanistan through the lens of a decorated combat veteran. As an Infantry Captain, Parnell fought hard to defend our country, and has some very strong feelings about the crisis bubbling over in Afghanistan. Parnell discusses the negative aspects of Biden’s approach to Taliban and other terrorist groups, and the situation that has resulted in Afghani citizens desperately trying to escape the country on the wings of American planes. Parnell and Giordano discuss the past 20 years of foreign affairs blunders that have led to countless deaths in the military, with Parnell asking questions that need answers, further noting that this blunder may be one of the biggest foreign affairs blunders of all time. Parnell says that while he does not want to make things political, everything in the battlefield is borne in politics, and it all ties back to leadership.