Reps. Guy Reschenthaler and Mike Kelly: Parnell is the leader Pa. needs in Senate

In just over 100 days, the Biden administration and the Democrat-run House and Senate have put America on a path to ruin. From devastating policies leading to nationwide gas shortages, failing to reopen schools, an escalating crisis at the border, dramatically rising crime nationwide, and Big Tech and corporate America censoring America for exercising their First Amendment rights, it is clearer than ever that America is suffering a crisis of leadership.

Enter Sean Parnell.

After 9/11, Parnell was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army, went to Airborne and Ranger school, and joined the 10th Mountain Division. Serving on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, he led the storied Outlaw Platoon in some of the fiercest combat after 9/11. That unit killed over 350 enemy combatants. But in the process of their bravery, 85% of his platoon received Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in battle.

Parnell himself was wounded in battle in 2006, yet he refused to stop fighting for his country and his band of brothers, despite being outnumbered nearly 10 to one. If ever there was a textbook example of leadership under fire, we can find no one better.

But Parnell’s leadership did not end on the battlefield. He co-founded the American Warrior Institute to help American heroes coming home from war. He later worked to pass the Veterans Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014, and helped get the House of Representatives to pass the VA Accountability Act in 2015.

Now Parnell is running toward the fire once again — this time it’s the race to become the next U.S. senator representing Pennsylvania. With control of the Senate at stake in 2022, this race will define the direction of Pennsylvania and America for a generation. As a result, there will be no greater attention placed on any race in the country.

Left-wing, special-interest organizations and even major corporations will stop at nothing to keep him out of the Senate. They know, as we do, that an independent leader like Parnell cannot be influenced by money, power or backroom politics. Instead, he will wake up every day to get to work fighting for Pennsylvanians before most of us have even hit the snooze button.

And that is exactly why we need a fearless leader like Sean Parnell to execute the crucial mission of speaking truth to power and protecting our very way of life from the massive overreach of the left.

Parnell’s goals are the same as most families’ goals. He wants to protect Pennsylvania’s jobs by keeping taxes low and slashing the regulations that are now strangling our economy. He will fight for America’s veterans who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms and founding principles. He will support the unfairly vilified men and women in law enforcement who keep our communities and neighborhoods safe and allow them to economically grow and thrive. He will strengthen our elections so that the citizenry can be confident in the integrity of our democracy. And he will get our kids back in school being prepared for life by being taught how to think, not what to think.

As this campaign proceeds, it will be crucial to choose a Republican nominee who won’t back down. Someone who has shown a rock-solid commitment to fighting back against anyone seeking to take away our First and Second Amendment rights, and the rights of the unborn.

Many will claim that mantle, but there is only one candidate that faced down death to do it.

That candidate is Sean Parnell.

America is at a dangerous crossroads. Radicals on the left have hijacked Democrats in Washington who are too weak to fight back. Many Republicans have shown an equally fluid spine when facing down the radicals of the left. That is why we simply cannot send another career politician, socialite or out-of-touch multimillionaire to the United States Senate.

What we do need are heroes, leaders and fighters. Sean Parnell checks all the boxes, and we fully endorse him to be the Republican nominee and next United States senator from Pennsylvania.

Republican Reps. Guy Reschenthaler and Mike Kelly represent the 14th and 16th districts, respectively.