Army veteran Parnell slams general’s ‘woke’ Twitter trolling: ‘He’s not focused on the mission’

Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe criticized for comments about vaccine mandate

Sean Parnell sounds off on woke military: ‘When leaders aren’t focused on the mission, people die’

GOP Pennsylvania Senate candidate and Army veteran Sean Parnell calls out Army general who was trolling conservatives on Twitter

Army Gen. Patrick Donahoe lashed out on Twitter at conservatives last week, raising concerns about “woke” politics in the military. Army veteran and U.S. Senate candidate Sean Parnell sat down with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and called out Donahoe for not staying focused on the military’s mission.

SEAN PARNELL: When I was in the Army, we focused on the mission. We didn’t really care what your politics were. We didn’t care where you came from and what color your skin was, what God you worshipped or how much money you made. We cared about the mission. Because a laser focus on the mission keeps people alive on the battlefield. And when this general is out there trolling people on Twitter, when his job, right, as the commanding general at Fort Benning is to prepare the future leaders of the infantry and of the Army our ranks for success on the battlefield, he is out there on Twitter trolling people. He’s not focused on the mission. And when our leaders are not focused on the mission, our soldiers won’t be focused on the mission. When soldiers aren’t focused on the mission, people die.


 Army general lashes out at conservatives on Twitter